What Should You Watch Out For Using Power Tools?

1.Before Using The Tool, A Full-Time Electrician Should Verify That The Wiring Is Correct And Prevent Misconnections Between The Neutral Wire And The Phase Wire To Cause Accidents.

2.Before Using The Tool That Has Been Left Unused Or Exposed For A Long Time, An Electrician Should Measure Whether The Insulation Resistance Meets The Requirements.

3.The Flexible Cable Or Cord That Comes With The Tool Must Not Be Connected. When The Distance Between The Power Supply And The Workplace Is Long, The Mobile Box Should Be Used.

4.The Original Plug Of The Tool Must Not Be Dismantled Or Changed. It Is Forbidden To Insert The Wire Of The Wire Into The Socket Without A Plug.

5.The Tool Housing Is Found And The Handle Is Broken. It Should Be Stopped And Replaced.

6.Non-Professional Personnel Shall Not Disassemble And Repair Tools Without Authorization.

7.The Rotating Parts Of The Tool Should Have Protective Devices.

8.Workers Wear Insulated Protective Articles As Required.

9.The Power Supply Must Be Equipped With A Leakage Protector.

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